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   Globalsky Technologies offer a wide spectrum of services to suit every need and requirement. From website designing to e-marketing, web consultation & software Technologiess, we are there to assist you, to facilitate your Internet presence & make you win potential business opportunities. With a motto to serve our clients, we offer cost-effective & requirement oriented services.
Web Designing & Development, Portal Development, interactive template design, E-commerce Technologies, Updating of websites, online payment Technologies.
Website Development
1.New Web Site Development :-GS Technologies provides consultation & development services, right from planning your online strategy, content writing to marketing your online products.
2.Website Redesign:-Just as offline styles vary with time, online user preferences & styles vary. What was in vogue an year ago, would look outdated or stale today. To keep in touch with the present & latest online user preferences, we provide the latest "look and feel", to corporate as well as eCommerce websites. Please see Web Site Redesign page for further details on redesigning websites.
Software Development
Software development and web application development is a complex process. The intricacies involved in software development and web application development creates pitfalls like miscommunication, scope changes and deadlines – termed by many a software development company as part of the "creation process". GS Technologies is a software development company that eliminates these pitfalls by carefully articulating the requirements through our 4-step process. This process allows effective use of the client's time, a clear focus on Technologies goals, maintains cost estimate accuracy and delivers the Technologies on time. Our software development / web application development process has four distinct steps:
1. Proposal :– Our web design specialists will perform a needs evaluation that will encompass all aspects of site design and functionality through client interaction.
2. Statement of work :- This stage of software development begins after the acceptance of the proposal. The Statement of work includes software development / web application development flow charts as well a process documentation detailing the operational flow of the proposed Technologies.
3. Proof of work:– A working prototype of the software development / web application development is presented to the client for functionality review prior to the delivery of the final, completed product.
4. Web Technologies Delivery :- Delivery of the final software / web application product to the client.

Support Contact :-support@globalskytechnologies.com.np