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(Easybank Plus 5.1)
Globalsky Technologies is an enterprise multi-channel banking solution that enables a full range of banking services and content to customers with different user profiles. It’s an integrated set of core banking components designed to meet the challenges of new age banking for co-operative banks.
GST EasyBank is a net banking software for co-operative banks.Its Handle the core banking facilities. The comprehensive banking solutions is under development. It is 100% secure, real time with multi location, multi operation, multi user software. It has interface with ATMs and has advance features like net banking, mobile banking, real time NPA management system.
GST EasyBank Software have a wealth of proven experience of implementing, upgrading, customizing and maintaining Database Applications modules and related business and technology environments. We insist on cost effective solutions, confidentiality and comprehensive standards for all stages.  WE Provide The  ONLINE AND OFFLINE Both type of SOFTWARE.Offline no need to connect the internet in the computer ie also called window base Software .In The Window base software some feature are not availbale  because inernet connection is not available.Online web application have developed for all the feature.
OUR Co-Operative Bank(EasyBank)Software have Coverage Following Areas:-
-Loan Management
-Deposit Management
-Material Management
-Financial Management
-Payroll Management
-Product Management
-Share Management
-Invest Management
-Security Management
-Remittance Management
EasyBank Software have Following Feature:-
-Compelete window and web based fully  managed financial  and accounting software.
-User friendly  GUI based software.
-Fully networked based software.
-Calender setup and  holoday setup.
-Double trnsaction update for security purpose.
-Chart of account.
-Repoting in excel,word and html.
-Loan auto  penality calculation.
-Statement printing  facility.
-Automatic interest calculation.
-Share bonus calculation and payment.
-Auto tax calculation.
-Char khata report/sahkari report.
-Dailly collection report with collector wise report.
-Cash/Bank transaction with suitable report.
-Dailly collection entry for both loan/deposit.
-GL transaction report
Loan Management:---
-Easy loan product with extra charge set up  facility.
-Loan auto payment from saving A/C.
-Minimum balance setup with indivisual  interest rate setup.
-Loan collection entry.
-Loan payment (Sechdule/Non Schedule).
-Loan Reschedule facilitity/Loan rebate transaction.
-Auto panality calcululation with rate setup.
-Auto rate calculation  as well as manual  setup.
-Loan trial repayment schedule system.
-Loan collateral management with interest with insurance data update.
-Loan statement printing  facility.
-Loan interest due report.
-Loan interest report/opening report.
-Loan customer balance report.
-Loan renew report.
-Dailly collection report.
-Loan principle ageing report/Loan interest ageing report.
-Loan wise collection report/Loan against fixed deposit.
-Loan against deposit report.
-Loan against  guatantor/Loan outstanding installment report.
-Loan installment receive report.
-Loan limit setup
Deposit Management:---
-Easy saving/fixed deposit system
-Extra charge setup  facility.
-Cheque printing  facility.
-Account with minimum balance setup facility.
-Deposit withdrawl transaction.
-Deposit collecting entry.
-Account wise withdrawl limit setup.
-Deposit accont close entry.
-Fixed  deposit renew.
-Deposit interest transfer another account.
-Deposit interest payment entry.
-Deposit statement print facilty.
-Deposit interest report.
-Deposit withdrawl report.
-Deposit transaction report.
-Deposit customer balance report.
-Deposit collection report.
-Deposit a/c transfer report.
-Deposit VS loan report.
-Deposit interest grow report.
Share Management:---
Security Management:---