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College Information Management System

(Smart College Plus 5.2)
Globalsky Technologies developed Smart College Plus aimed to provide complete computerized operations in any college. This software manage the registration of student, current month fees,demand month fee,fee master setting option,certificate development,employee management,searching the record in various format, accouting management,daily and monthly accouting oparation,detail record searching.Income statement,trial balance,balanceSheet,accounting detail save in excel format,Password change.All the function of this software are user friendly.
This package has education's most flexible and interactive scheduling function, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire school college community in real time.
College administration system makes it easy to communicate with all of the stakeholders in the educational process: Administrator, teachers, students and parents. Teachers can easily access pertinent student information, generate reports, collaborate with other educators or develop lesson plans from virtually anywhere.
Student Profile: Educators can effortlessly view all accessible student records including parental information, emergency contacts, disciplinary records,student photo and more.
Examination Records: Records of every examination conducted for each standard is maintained which makes referring past data very easy. Certificate is also develop after examination of each class.
Fees Collection: Fee vouchers are generated & fee collection program can be customized according to college's rules.
Bill Creation & Printing: Bill provide in the time when pay the current fee,demand fee and employee salary payment time.
Marks Statement:Marksheet can create individually.
Transportation Detail:Transportation detail record maintain the software.
Auto data backup system
Smart College Plus is provide both online and offline(desktop application) Software.
Our Smart College Plus Software have Coverage Following Areas:-
-Registration Management
-Fee Setting Management
-Field Setting Management
-Fee Mnagement
-Employee Management
-Accounting Management
-Billing Management
-Examination Management
-Security Management